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Learn how to self build your dream house. Take a look at the Houses on this page. They have all been self built by the owners. So is self build for you? What are the benefits? By self building your house you will get a higher specification of materials, be able to design the house just as you want it, be free to choose where you want it to be and of course you will save money. The links below will take you to an index of the contents of the 3 websites. All these websites are full of useful information for self build.

SelfBuildit SelfBuild123 House Building Selfbuildit.com

Building Plots of Land Probably one of the hardest things to find is a suitable plot of land. Building plots are few and far between but there are some nice pieces of building land out there waiting for you to build your dream house. Click on the links above to find out where to look for your ideal building plot of land. This database is the most up to date source of self build land and building plots

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Self Build Mortgages Once you have found your land the next thing that you need is a flexible self build mortgage. There are now mortgages on the market that cater for self building. The Accelerator Self Build Mortgage allows you to borrow up to 95% of the land and the build costs. This type of mortgage releases money at the start of each stage of the build so therefore allows good cashflow during the build. So if you are building with a timber frame, the accelerator mortgage releases funds when you need to pay for the timber frame. Dream house self built Building Site Insurance During the building stage you must have insurance to cover the normal perils associated with building sites. This is to cover not only theft and damage to the shell of the house but you need legal cover and for any personnel injury to tradesmen and the general public. To get a quote for building site insurance click here Self Build Insurance

Building Warranty There is now an alternative to the NHBC and Zurich Municipal warranties. To get a quote for building structural warranty and guarantee click here

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Finding reliable Building Tradesmen can be very difficult. We have teamed up with a company that has a database of reliable high class tradesmen from all over the UK. Click on the following link, fill out your details and the tradesmen will contact you to give a competitive quotation.

Glenns Self Build Story. It should be realistic, truthful and humorous so it should give you my image of Self Build.


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