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Of all the steps in Self Build, finding a suitable building plot is one of the hardest. Any available residential building land has been snapped up by the large house building companies. Single self builders cannot compete with the building companies because you only want to build one house not 40. One company now try to help self builders by offering plots that are part of a large area, much the same as the large house builders

Finding Land

Do not give up on your dream home, you need to persevere to find your building plot. The places that are best to find Self Build Plots are listed below.

Plot Databases and Landbanks

LandBank has one of the largest databases for land. This database has one of the largest sources of Building Plots that are for sale and is regularly checked to make sure it is up to date. To subscribe to Plotsearch click here

Other Building Plot Sources

Look at Estate Agents, Land Agents, Auctioneers/Valuers, Local Papers, Farmers Guardian,  Land Finding Database Council Planning Offices and a good idea is to drive around your local area and pick out possible  building plots. Possible plots of land could be part of large gardens or land with derelict buildings on.

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