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Self Build Insurance JCB

Self Build Insurance

A self build project has to be risk free, the sums involved are far too large for any sort of gambling. There are a number of policies especially for the self builder, covering every risk from when you buy the land to when all is finished, and covering these risks both on and off your site, including theft of materials, which are stored at a distance, or damage suffered by others outside the site boundary as a result of your building operations. Our policy provides for all the types of cover that are needed for your building site. The types of cover that are needed for self build are set out below. Insurance quote

Self Build Public Liability Insurance

This covers legal liability for claims made by any other person or body in respect of death, injury or loss arising from your self build project and there is standard cover of 5,000,000 in our self build policy. Claims under this section of the policy are unusual, but when they do arise the sums involved are usually very large. Insurance quote

Self Build Insurance Building Materials
Self Build Insurance Building Materials

Self Build Employers Liability Insurance

This is a legal requirement if you are employing anyone. It is important to understand what is meant by employment, as most self builders use sub contractors and do not employ anyone in the general sense of the word. However, as far as an accident to someone who is working for you is concerned, you certainly owe him a 'duty of care' to ensure he does not get injured on your building site and if a sub contractor is injured on your building site his solicitor will establish that he has 'deemed contract of employment'. Insurance quote

Self Build Contract Works Insurance

This is sometimes called site risks insurance and protects against the more common losses - theft, vandalism, structural damage, fire, flood, storm damage, damage by delivery vehicles etc. The new building is protected at every stage and materials are covered as soon as ownership of them passes to the self builder, whether on or off the site. Insurance quote

Self Build Insurance Plant
Self Build Insurance Scaffold
Self Build Third Party Insurance

Self builders are often obliged to take out special cover by someone who is permitting them to do something. The most common example is when a drainage authority requires that they have five million pound of cover during the half hour that they are making a drain connection. Insurance quote

Extra Self Build Insurance

Self build insurance brokers will also help with any special insurance requirements. Among these are legal contingency insurance to cover you against the legal costs involved in dealing with claims arising from lost land titles, old covenants or ransom strips and also vacant building insurance if for some reason a building is completed and cannot be occupied. Insurance quote

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