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What is a self build mortgage ?

The Accelerator self build mortgage was launched by BuildStore in 1998 to provide self builders and renovators with positive cash flow during their build and since then it has won the 'Your Mortgage Award' for best self build mortgage each time the award was presented.

Until it was launched, all self build mortgage released money at the end of each stage of the build. However, this did not suit those self builders who did not have the cash available to complete the build stage and to raise capital had to rely on expensive short term borrowing or on selling and moving out of their current house.

As well as providing positive cash flow the Accelerator self build mortgage incorporates many other attractive features. The amount which can be borrowed is high at 95% of the cost of the land and 95% of the cost of the build meaning that you can secure your land with a relatively small deposit.

As a result, the Accelerator self build mortgage provides a number of benefits for the self builder:
  • You can secure your plot without having to release the equity in your own home
  • Stay in your existing home while building your new one if you want
  • Buy material and labour when you need them and for the best prices because you have the cash available


Funds for the Accelerator self build mortgage are provided by a number of lenders and there is a variety of mortgage products available (fixed rates, capped rate, discounted, tracker etc) making it likely that there will be a product to suit your requirements.


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