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The only way to learn about building your own house is to read as much as you can about Self Build Houses. The Housebuilding website will give you as much information as possible, as to where to source this information. Click the following link to subscribe to Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine.

I have personally Self Built my own house and have learnt a lot about where to find Self Build information, where the best deals and services can be found.

The Links page is where you can find some other websites that will pass on information, services and products. But please do not leave this website yet.

So to start with I would advise that you read some books. The absolute favourite book of mine was "Building your own home" by Murray Armour". Murray Armour is sadly no longer with us but his book lives on and is updated regularly. He was classed the "Father of Selfbuild". In association with Amazon we can offer the following books at a discount price.

Self Build House Thousands of families each year build a new house or bungalow - some 8% of all new houses. This is a guide for those who want to manage the job themselves or hire the relevant subcontractor. It is full of photographs, diagrams and plans, with everything needed to build a house.

Click here to order Building Your Own Home

Selfbuild House Design This book provides an excellent source for inspiration when planning your dream home with designs from major companies such as Potton, Border Oak, Custom Homes..... ranging from small city homes to rose covered country manors. A must for all those contemplating self-build.

Click here to order The Home Plans Book

Self-Build House
So who is buying it and why? The majority of purchasers are drawn from Britain's growing army of selfbuilders, people building new homes or renovating existing ones, who appreciate the frank and at times brutal appraisal of their efforts. However there is also a large number of architects, surveyors and builders who sing its praises. The information in the book is detailed and infomative yet the presentation is succint and often witty. If you just want to find out how the British build houses, this is a fascinating read. If you want to actually build one yourself, then frankly you'd be nuts not to have read this book from cover to cover.

Click here to order The Housebuilders Bible

If you would like to read my story of Self build click here.


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