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Self Build Besearch

Before you even consider how to self build your own home you will need to do a lot of research. Books and magazines are one of the first steps into self build. Next step will be self building exhibitions. There are exhibitions held nationwide to assist the aspiring self builder.


Self Build Books

Books are an ideal starting point for research into your selfbuild project. Before my project I spent many, many hours studying what I class as the number 1 book for Selfbuild research. Building Your Own Home  by Murray Armor. Murray Armor is sadly no longer with us but I still think he was the main inspiration for my Self Build.


House Building Books

Self Build Books cover the research, management, purchasing, product choice etc of your House Building and Construction project. The books listed on the right are a selection of selfbuild books that will help you through a selfbuild.


Selfbuild Exhibitions

Selfbuild exhibitions are held throughout the UK. For details on where to find selfbuild exhibitions click






Selfbuild House Design