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Timber Frame House Designs

A sample of the timber frame house designs available are previewed in the right hand side of this page. We have over 100 designs in our portfolio but if you have other designs in mind, a bespoke house can be designed for you.

Timber Frame Advantages

The major advantages of timber frame construction are its speed of erection, excellent thermal efficiency, sound performance and of course its considerable advantages over traditional building methods where environmental issues are concerned. Timber frame is design flexible. It allows you great freedom in choosing the finished form of your home. It is also fully recognised by all financial institutions and building societies for institutional lending and by the National House Building Council (NHBC) for guarantee purposes. Once up and running, the standard insulation incorporated in the construction of a timber frame house can give thermal performance 27% more energy efficient than that demanded by Building Regulations. We have a strict company policy regarding the purchase of timber by the manufacturers to be utilised in the construction of our kits. They must provide positive evidence that their timber suppliers operate a policy of good forest management at source together with a committed on going programme of replanting to ensure a renewable resource in the future.

Precision Made Timber Frames

The Timber Frames are manufactured at custom built facilities under a strictly controlled production environment. An ongoing programme of investment ensures the plant and machinery used is the very latest of its' kind. Quality control is paramount and every stage of production is strictly monitored to ensure our customers receive a product of unequalled quality. No other company provides the Self-Builder with such a range of prefabricated components. Factory production inevitably cuts down time on site and removes construction related problems. Reducing time on site guarantees overall savings on cost.

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