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Self Build Warranty

 A Selfbuild Structural Warranty is available to anyone undertaking a new build, conversion, extension or renovation project to create a new home for their own residential purposes. Whether you are managing the project or arranging a turn key solution for the creation of your self-build house, the Selfbuild structural Warranty has been created to specifically cover crucial elements of the house that otherwise would remain your responsibility. Selfbuild warranty quote

A Selfbuild structural warranty covers defects in the design, workmanship, materials and components of the project should they fail and cause damage or weather proofing problems. All the items covered in a selfbuild structural warranty policy are specifically excluded under ordinary house insurance and invariably remain your responsibility. Rectifying damage to your home as a result of structural failure in a basement or wall construction for example will be incredibly expensive and doesn’t bear thinking about.

Self Build Insurance Building Materials
Self Build Insurance Building Materials

 In order to provide you with the 10 year cover, we check the design, workmanship, materials and components in the form of a plan and calculation check and a series of site based inspections. We can also incorporate the provision of Building Control into the process often saving you money. The selfbuild warranty is available irrespective of whether you are using the local authority or an approved inspector to carry out building control. The cover incorporates cover for health and safety of occupants should it later transpire that the (self) builder failed to meet the building regulations in place at the time.

 If you are building your own home or using the services of a number of specialist contractors for the construction of your house you will need a 10 year structural defects policy.
The structural defects policy will protect you (and future owners of your house if you sell within the ten year period of cover) against the cost of complete or partial rebuilding or rectifying work to the house as a result of defective design, workmanship or materials. In addition the policy will also provide similar cover for the drainage system and waterproof envelope within the house.

Self Build Insurance Plant
Self Build Insurance Scaffold

Apart from the peace of mind you gain by having a structural warranty, most Lenders will probably require a warranty as part of the lending criteria. Also, if your circumstances change and you need to sell the property in the next 10 years you will find it likely that your prospective purchaser's Lender will require a structural warranty on the property before releasing any money.

Structural Warranty Providers

  • Architects Certificates - An expensive way to provide structural warranty

  • NHBC Solo - This warranty is no longer available

  • Protek - A comprehensive cost efficient policy - Click for a quote

  • SelfBuildZone - A good product - Click for a quote


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